This is the basic hiphop dance technique. It's called happy feet.

It looks simple at first, but you can also use it to show subtle and detailed movement in your performance. Shifting your weight drastically with a step or holding up your ankle to show control can add depth to it.

This is the basic technique that has been beloved by hiphop dancers since the good old days. Let's master it with no excuse.

Happy Feet is Basics

Depending on the dance school and instructors, they may include it as part of basic isolation practice. This happy feet is considered one of the most important steps in your journey to learn hiphop dance.

When you get used to the basic feet movement, you can start using your ankles. Eventually, you will find your original style. If you reach that level, this simple step will be transformed into the professional level, where you can use it in any dance event.

Easy to Practice

Steps like running man is fussy. You need to jump up and down. And they make loud noise at home if you practice on the second floor. In contrast, Happy feet is a lot more compact and not as loud.  You can practice it quietly in your room, so this step is highly recommend for beginners who do not want to commit to a class or have no space to practice.


In taking the hiphop rhythm, you go from down to up. Take a bigggg up. In that brief moment, your body becomes light and almost floats in the air. In that time frame, make the happy feet.

If you do that right, you can achieve the step without unnecessary force in your calf muscle. That's the trick. Feeling out the beat as your friend.

(src: Rising Dance School)

2 patterns to show off

There are two major patterns in how happy feet is presented. One using only your lower half of the body and make a very quick movement. Being sharp is the key. The second is using your  upper body with hands harmoniously with your feet to create one movement. The key here is dynamisms.

You might have your favorite. But since it's not a complicate, you will find it easy to practice and master both.

Happy Feet Practice

The gist of happy feet practice is to use your weight transfer smoothly. Heel heel, toe toe. I hope you won't fall off just by the swing.

There are many other basics in this dance genre. In knowing how to dance and ultimately reach the level you can be proud of, practicing the basic steps are essential. There is no need to get through all of them. Instead, carefully instilling one skill into your body and mastering one step at a time would be actually a success for the beginner dancers. If you master one step a day, that will be 30 steps in just 1 month. That is an astonishing accomplishment. Don't get too stressed. Let's keep on enjoying the practice!

Some of the videos of Happy Feet: