Everyone needs to look after your own body. Losing weight and getting into a fine shape is everyone's ideal lifestyle for many.

Dancing seems like a popular choice here. It surely is a fun exercise that involves heavy sweating. We can be proud of the new hobby as well. But, attending blindly to a dance class will not achieve your goal faster.

It is important to understand the effects different types of dancing has on our body in relation to the energy system.

Everyone knows about aerobic training, but how does it apply to dancing? When does dance become anaerobic?

Today I will talk about the aerobic and anaerobic nature of different dance genres, and the way we can maximize our goal of achieving a healthy body.

2 Types of Exercises


Aerobic activity puts light pressure for an extended period of time on the body. Your body makes the energy from mixing the oxygen with glucose or fat from the blood. The exercise is moderate enough that talking with people is possible. Examples include walking and jogging.

The training was first developed by astronauts to train their cardiopulmonary endurance. But the benefit known for everyday people is its weight loss potential. It burns fat. The caveat is the effect only kicks in after 20 minutes.


Anaerobic activity puts heavy pressure on the instantaneous period of time. The requirement is so strong and fast that aerobic mode cannot keep up. Your muscle eats the glucose stored inside without any oxygen. The peak lasts for only about 2 minutes with lots of pain. Muscle ache is common. An example is sprint and gym workout.

The biggest benefit is muscle building. It tears down the muscle tissue, and in the recovery process, the muscle becomes stronger. It also has a positive impact on losing weight. After the anaerobic exercise, your body releases various hormones, which will increase your metabolism. Your energy usage increases for a period of time.


A sport is rarely one or the other. It usually shifts back and forth. For example, when you start jogging, it feels easy in the beginning. You can still make a small talk with your friends. As time passes, your face turns red and it becomes hardly breathable. Talking with a friend feels like a luxury. At that point, it has transitioned from aerobic to anaerobic exercise.

Dance can be aerobic and anaerobic

If you type in dance & (your city), I bet there are wide varieties of results: youth and elderly, theatrical and underground, improvised and performance, etc. People use dance meaning 2 completely different things.

So I focus on the dance you can start today by signing up at the studios. There are 3 types:

  1. Urban
  2. Ballroom
  3. Fitness



Urban dance follows one instructor in front of mirrors. It is often called street dance. People may be working on a big performance, but there are many drop-in classes offered as well.


Hiphop, House, Jazz, Locking, Breakdance, Tap.


Depending on the instructors, but you will likely come out flooded in sweat dying for water. It is an intense activity that executes fast routine into compact 30-60 seconds. Unless the class is for kids or specifically for grown-ups, it is definitely anaerobic.



Ballroom is usually social, involving 2 dancers. The class is often divided between girls and boys since each side has a different step. The first half is done separately, and they come and dance together in the second half. The speed of the music is often moderate.


Salsa, Cha Cha, Tango, Swing.


Most ballroom dance involves stand up position, and the move does not go hard. Unless you are a man and an expert or a woman and dancing with an expert, your body placement is relatively stable. It can be both aerobic and anaerobic, depending on the music and lead. For beginners, it is safe to assume it is aerobic exercise.



The classes fall under the Dance category in fitness clubs. It often incorporates various dance genres from urban to cultural. Since the focus is on losing weight and shaping up, it moves every line of your body in every direction. It requires less technicality and is more beginner friendly. Pop songs are the popular choice for.


Cardio, Zumba, Capoeira.


Even if it is advised as "Intense", the fitness dance fitness dance is an aerobic activity. The purpose is to burn fat. The exercise is non-stop with little break, and you will be sweating the whole time. The type of sweat is different from hard to breath urban dance one. As you get used to the movement, the exercise becomes generally easier.

Dancing to Lose Weight

Best Combination

If your end goal is to lose your weight, it is important you figure out different types of dancing to achieve your goal. It is popular misconception that only aerobic is useful in losing weight. While aerobic exercise burns your fat directly, the anaerobic builds muscle. That will increase your metabolism in the end. The best workout menu is the mixture.

Ideal Training Menu

Given that you are confident in your skill, ballroom dance seems to fit our purpose the most. You can play fast and slow.

For others, it is recommended to alternate between fitness and urban dance. The rapidity of urban dance gives adequate pressure to your muscle"). But muscle only grows during the recovery period. You need to rest from the urban dance. So on the next day, go for a less intense fitness dance. In this period, focus on breathing. You could go for the social reasons too. Being able to talk is important for the aerobic purpose.

It will be good in switching the mood, keeping up with motivation. Experiencing different genres of dance is good in increasing your body awareness as well.

Consider DVD

If all you need is aerobic exercise, following DVD at home is a good alternative as well. The goal here is to sweat, not to get better at dancing. Working out at home is always time efficient, and does not ask for the place you live.

YouTube is good too, but there are not many long ones. It often comes with multiple ads in the middle. You want to do aerobic activity in one go so DVD is a better option.

Only if you want to ask for technicality or a boost in motivation, go for a lesson.

Dance as Lifestyle

As we covered, dancing can take in many forms. If you are lucky and live in the big city, it will be easy to find any type of dance studios and fitness clubs. Small town people can always go for the home option.

The best benefit of dancing is it is fun. The music and atmosphere raise so much energy. You can run outside and do a push up for the same exercise effect. But dancing gives you so much more. It stimulates not only your muscle but also your eyes and ears. You will feel so refreshed afterward. Let's aim for the healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

Last Note on Weight Loss

Keeping up with your motivation is the hardest obstacle to lose weight. We give up all the time. One of the most effective way is to record your weight frequently and measure the progress. This digital scale by penpho lets you connect with Apple Watch and Fitbit and makes visualization of your weight easy. Recommended for anyone who wants to step up the game.