Chair freeze is by far the most popular freeze type for break dancers. This is what most start off with along with other introductory moves like 6 steps, top rock, etc.

It is frustrating when you cannot accomplish such foundation move however. You cannot move to the next level without this hurdle. Today, I will introduce tips on how to practice when you cannot do this chair freeze. The method is also suited on those who have never tried it.

Physical strength and breakdance freeze

Freezing is part of the basics in break dance. It is equivalent to poses in any type of dances except you do it in an extraordinary position.

In any type of freezes, it requires your physical strength in order to stop your movement completely from the ordinary steps. Chair freeze is counted on the easier side of all. But if you are not used to it, you would still it tough. It feels like stopping your breath is the only way to stop and holds that position.

In that situation, try practicing after conducting this simple suitability check. Once you know the trick, you will be able to do it.

Strategy for first-time beginners

For chair freeze, it is counterproductive to persuade the final pose from the beginning. You will be simply out of breath.

Instead, you should break it down into steps, achieving small position one by one. Start with bringing in a chair (it is a chair freeze after all).

As mentioned above, you need some physical strength for this freeze. To check that, put both of your legs up on the chair, and your 2 hands support the whole body weight. Your face and body are parallel to the floor in meanwhile. The visualization is like a concrete bridge rather than a suspension bridge. You need to hold your back straight.

Keep that position for 1 minute.

Was it easy? If you find that challenging, it is better to postpone chair freeze, and go on strengthening your muscle and flexibility.

After that, you can position your right hand beside your face, and slowly take one right leg out of the chair placing it backward. If that goes smoothly, then finally you will be taking your left leg up in the air.

Within the style of break dancing, chair freeze is a technique that puts extra weight on one side, and can easily hurt your wrist. Beginners tend to get excited and practice too much. So please do it while checking if there is any sense of abnormality.

Freeze with the movement

Once you are comfortable with the stop position, it is time for the next step. It is great you have achieved posing. But realistically, no audience wants to see you posing awkwardly from the standing position. That is not dancing. You would want to connect it with other steps. Let's start practicing with the movement.

The most popular way is to transition in from floor move like 6 steps. It can be challenging if you have not fully mastered the step. You are spinning your legs at incredibly fast speed already. You want to be feeling quite comfortable. It is always an option to practice the floor step side first, perfect it, and come back to the transition.

Watch out for your elbow

My last tip is about your elbow. The success of your chair freeze will come from where to put your elbow.

Placing it next to your navel is a mistake strictly speaking. Please do not continue on for long. When a beginner does chair freeze, it is okay initially to set the elbow around the abdominal muscle or abdominal oblique because it is easier to maintain the balance. But in that position, you will be completely facing down. Your chair freeze will never look as good.

When you get used to the chair practice, start trying to put your elbow on the hip bone instead of the stomach side. Then you will be facing sideways rather lying flat, and you will be able to breathe normally even if you open your legs vertically. The pose becomes easier and more stable.

Best method depends on everyone

At the end of the day, you have to find your best way to make a position. If you find it perfectly comfortable getting on the abdominal muscles, you may continue that way. Each person has the different body type. It is better to consult the ideal position with your own body.

Posing from the state of fast motion such as freezing from windmill is a great physical burden. So it is important to find the ideal post for muscle and joints without feeling uncomfortable.

Chair freeze is a flexible method once mastered because it can lead to many transitions in and out of the freeze. I recommend all breakdance beginners to capture this introductory technique. You will probably feel comfortable calling yourself break dancers after this. Let's bring a chair into your next practice.