I am not sure what the age group of this blog readers. If you are elderly and over 60s, please do not hesitate to start dancing today.

Although older people often think of ballroom dance like Cha Cha and Salsa as their only option, street dancing is suited for those people as well. The excitement and youth energy you gain from street dancing might be what those people need more.

Here, I want to recommend that dancing is for anyone regardless of ages as we follow the story of 67-year-old Bboy Amano.

Started break dancing after 60

I came across the interview video of Bboy Amano a few days ago. His dance resume is astonishing. The first time he started dancing when he was 60, and now he is 67. He is nothing like an athletic type, who has a day job as an assistant professor and farmer on the North side of Japan. I imagine he has spent ordinary peaceful lifestyle up to this point.

For his practice, he takes a dance class once a week and watches Youtube to incorporate new dance move into his own. Among street dance genre, break dancing is considered particularly demanding of your physical strength. His choice came from the time he saw young people practicing back flips and thought that was cool. Now, he can do a headstand and chair freeze.

When most youngster dancers quit it before the 30s, his challenging mentality appears extraordinary.


Meaning of dance for Amano

What amazes me is his willingness to interact with the breakdance community. He regularly enters and enjoys dance events and battles among young people. Even after 7 years of practice, he admits it feels scary still, but he knows the improvement will not come just by himself. Of course, nobody has unwelcomed this old man with such uplifting spirit.

He left us 3 amazing quotes:

"My dream is that I want people to watch my dance and that I want to gain new moves and master them"

"I know the level of my break dancing is not that high yet, but if I could surprise someone or move someone's heart, I would be very delighted"

"Battling each other to prove their own existence is so fulfilling"


Age does not matter

His story says 1 thing for sure. If you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s, it does not matter. It is never too late to start dancing.

Compared to breakdance power moves, there are many types of dancing like Hiphop and House, that are less physically demanding, and the progress is easier to see. You can start at your own pace.

Your everyday life will certainly become delighted with dancing as your new and exciting hobby.