Charleston is often seen in cutting shapes style of shuffle dance. This basic step is originally from hiphop dance, but it is also suited for the shuffle.

The technique is the same, but electronic dance music (EDM) and hiphop music are different in melody and tempo. That means there are differences in the practice method and the skill required to show it well.

Most of the beginners do charleston just like hip hop, but the pace is cannot keep up with the club music of EDM. Eventually, it becomes the unfavorite step.

If you are using it for shuffle dance, knowing the way and tips that match EDM is a shortcut for your progress.

Shuffle and hip hop are different in dancing style

In Melbourne Shuffle and Cutting Shapes, you would often use basic steps like charleston, running man, etc.

First of all, in modern times where there are so many established different step techniques, it is unavoidable to become similar to the steps used for a long time. It is true even if a new dance style is born. As with music, the melody line sometimes looks like some existing songs.

Just like charleston, simple steps tend to be favored in shuffle dance. It is because the song's speed (Beats Per Minute) does not correspond to complicated footwork.

So the basic steps will be similar to other genres including house dance. You can apply the technique as it is, but it will look like you have just learned the step. You cannot show it well unless you grab a knack to adapt it to the fast rhythm of EDM.

The first thing to keep in mind is EDM goes with 16 beats. You have to maintain your rhythm to fit that music. To do that, the best way is to control your toes and knees. When you stand on your toes, the body goes taller naturally. By bending your knees forward, you can absorb the height difference. This makes it easy to adapt to the high speed beats with nice balance.

Therefore shuffle dance is made as a way of dancing that requires a complex footwork skill. The step itself is easy, but it feels like you need to be creative to show it well. Let's practice charleston with different music in mind.