Speaking of simple but cool HIPHOP's basic technique, there is a step called popcorn. It is simple enough that even beginners can easily practice. You can show it with simple steps. You can arrange it with your original mix as well. It is a good versatile technique.

Not only the beginners, but even people who are not used to hip hop dance can easily understand the mechanism. There are highly complex versions of popcorn step as well. So the technique and tips would be enjoyable for people who have already learned it as well.

I think the way popcorn dashes around the floor can be an effective application not only to hiphop but also break dancing. It is similar to the breakin's basic step salsa rock and indian step. So this is a footwork that can be used across street dance genre.

Easy but cool street dance steps

Hiphop dance has many steps that beginners can learn without taking too much time. It is recommended for those who want to get their hands dirty in intermediate choreography quickly. Popcorn may look difficult because of its large swing and dynamism. But in fact it is quite simple.

The way to do is straightforward.

  1. Kick up with your knees bent
  2. Change the legs and kick again
  3. Repeat

That is it. If you want to show it well, you can slide your pivoting leg to the back, widening the step length at the finish. Doing it this way, any hiphop dance novice can erase the amateurity.

It is particularly true for women, but many find the kick part difficult. Surely you cannot see yourself from behind. It is often the cases that the strokes are not as big as you think. It is important to bend your knees behind firmly and take a runup for the momentum.

Although popcorn is an easy-to-practice and cool-looking step, please practice while checking your own movement from the side to see if your legs are used properly.

Combine with other Hiphop steps

Fortunately, in addition to popcorn, there are lots of attractive foundation steps in hiphop dance, such as running man and crab step.

If you do it in 32 beat choreography, you can learn and mix in various repertoires at the same time. For example, you can do popcorn for the first 8, mix in running man for the next 18 beats, and finish off the last 8 coming back to popcorn again. If you want to adventure further, you can also include frontback kick as well. The step is more advance, but you will find the transition easier from popcorn step (See "How to dance a manly step "frontback kick"").

Once you master a handful of the basics, your dancing will gain depth. In return, dancing becomes much more fun, and so many doors will start opening up for you. Let's aim for that stage.