"Everyone who is good at dancing has natural athletes"

Watching sharp amazing move of other dancers makes you feel inferior. It is tempting to think they must have natural talents for athletes. An average joe like me who is stiff all the way to the bones will never have a chance.

It is natural you would think that way. But it is wrong.

I will introduce you how to get better quickly even if you do not have motor skills.

Do you need to be athletic for dancing?

The question concerning the relationship between one's motor skill and are frequently particularly among those who are thinking of starting out dancing.

Of course, the most polite answer would be "dance is for everyone. It doesn't matter!" But what is the real answer?

Progress speed is another matter

Let us cut to the chase. A motor skill is important factor in determining your learning speed. But that itself does not give you the full picture.

I have seen people who have excellent mobility and exercise experience but they never went beyond certain levels.

Even though they have a quick boost in picking up a new move, once reaching a certain level, they become comfortable with the mediocre move. Those people slack off practicing soon after.

In a long run, the most important thing is you keep up your practice rather than having high motor skills.

The only condition to become a better dancer is practice

Everyone is terrible in the beginning. No exception.

There are people who say they are good at dancing with great confidence. But let them dance for 1 minutes and observe. All you would see is the same routine over and over. Nobody is good without practice.

It is usual to practice and improve skills while going through as many failures. It does not only apply to dancing but also to life in general.

I have never seen a novice who can perfect the steps and techniques just by seeing it only once. It is true some people can remember to move quickly, but what you need is practice rather than an athletic body.

So, you do not have to be pessimistic about the bad performance of your motor skills. If you practice hard, you will 100% get better at dancing.

Debunk true meaning of poor motor skill

A motor skill is essentially about how well you execute the tasks sent from your brain's central nervous system. You complete it using your muscles, hands, wrists, feet, toes, etc. It requires awareness, planning, muscle strength, coordination and normal sensation to manage and synchronize your body movements.

It is difficult skills to control your body perfectly, even for the first-rate athletes. Playing sports is about moving your body quickly in a place you cannot see.

In terms of dancing, you have an image of movement in your head. You would like to do it as so, but it comes out completely different and awkward.

Overcoming badass motor skills

Training your muscle memory makes the gap smaller and make your move closer to what you imagine.

Dancing is partly a sport in which the way the body function that moves in a complicated form.

If you cannot manipulate yourself well, the outcome of imitating any move will definitely come out frustrating with a gap.

On the contrary, if you start practicing dancing from how to use your body, the time necessary for improvement will be much shorter.

Nobody teaches at a dance school

Training to control your body is such important concept, but you would never learn this at a dance school.

First of all, on the basis of a group learning system that teaches multiple students at once, we can not expect to carefully teach the detail of foundation.

Being unable to move the body parts well, many people fail to follow the rhythm and choreography of the instructors. Sooner or later, it becomes the trigger to give up dancing.

If you are going to keep up with the dance studio, it is essential that you practice body movement yourself at the same time.

The badness of motor nerves can be overcome with practice!

What you need to start dancing is to train at a steady pace and practice how to use your body.

Because dancing is complex athletics, it is important to take your time and clear the challenges one by one.

To do that, attending dance schools once a week that does not focus on the basic training is not well suited.

You can certainly improve your dancing this way regardless of athletic ability.