There are a handful of important basic steps that every house dancer goes through. They are said to be a minimum requirement to call yourself a house dancer.

It is considered one of them, but it is annoyingly hard. Heel toe is a troublesome technique for beginners that can easily drive you crazy.

The delicate foot step that seems to be just like craftsmanship. On top of that, the speed is incredibly fast!

Speaking of the honest opinion, house dance beginners are OK putting off heel toe for later. I think that it is better to move forward with loose legs, two step, pas de bourrée paddle, shuffle, etc.

It is actually better to postpone the heel toe. That is because it is a step that mixes heel step or train/swirl combo.

In other words, it makes it easier to remember heel toe after mastering one of the basic steps such as heel step and train or heel step and swirl.

So it's clever to delay. If you have already learned the above steps, now is the time to do it.

Here is one great heal toe tutorial video taught by Emiko. The basic way is basically the same as the one introduced in the video, but because the lesson part is rather short to deliver the full nuance, I will add more practical exercise method.

Challenge difficult techniques even in the basic step

In the basic step of house dance, easy movement dominates the majority, heel and toe require skillful management between "heel" and "toe". If you cannot do it well, you will quickly fall behind the speed of the song.

A common case for the beginner is that they cannot ride the music or the body cannot follow along·

Even within the most well-known basic dance training like isolation, there is no way to strengthen the tip of your feet. Because the step that involves heels and toes happen more frequently in-house dancing, it becomes a good training overall.

Since there is a way to appear even cooler, I will also teach expert tips in addition to the bits of advice for those who cannot.

First of all, it is absolute that you practice slowly, but at the same time please train in the housing rhythm as well. I want you to be conscious in the meanwhile here; your step happens in a sense of bouncing instead of stepping on the ground.

Most of the time, the reason why it is hard to follow the song with your heel and toe is you are putting unnecessary power.

The foot will be applied to the floor with an image that you are springing rather than stepping. This footwork is similar to the steps of train and swirl.

And the trick to show it well is to position your center of gravity not in the middle but slightly backward.

It will be difficult to move quickly if the center of gravity is set on the foot that is controlling the heel and toe. It will improve the appearance, so please make use of this advice to practice heel toe.