How long should I practice to become successful?

It is a natural concern for anyone thinking of starting. In fact, if you are teaching dance or tell someone you dance, the questions close to this come out often.

Of course, practice is essential and minimum requirement to get better. It is needless to say it takes some time.

This time I will introduce the idea around right mindset towards the practice time necessary for you to keep in mind. It will be accompanied with some practical examples for your dance to become good.

Only practice can improve your dancing

The more time you put in practice, the better your dancing will be. It is especially true for the starter when there are so many things to remember and learn.

It begins by accustoming your body to the basic rhythmical movement and muscle isolation. On top of that, you will be drilling the steps that are particular to your favorite dance genres.

There is no shortcut to overcome each hurdle except to secure the time to get down onto the practice and move your body.

Everyday even for a short time

Even if you spend a lot of time practicing, if it is only once a week it makes little sense.

An improvement in your dancing is the improvement in your muscle memory. It is crucial to have your muscle body memorize otherwise unusual movement. That is why you should spread out your practice. If you take a day off, it can take 3 days before you get back the sense. The body will forget the sense when you leave a gap. Every exercise must start with a recollection.

Even if you can only set aside 10 to 20 minutes a day, that will let you quickly stack up meaningful practice every day. It is important to move your body anytime anywhere you remember, without being limited to the practice place.

Tips for securing practice time

There are some practice methods you can utilize to incorporate dance practice into your everyday life.

Your dance skill will never make progress unless you actually move your body, but the following ingenuity will certainly have a positive impact on the quality of practice.

Image training while listening to music

It does not matter where you are. It can be on the commute with your favorite music playlist, inside shops like H&M, etc. Anywhere you hear music coming into your ears, you will do image training in your head.

I mentioned earlier that your dancing will not improve unless you move your body. But you can make go over the choreography that you memorized, or even make one inside your head. That is the strength of image training.

Move your body in tiny spare time

Image training is perfect while you are doing something else. However, as long as your body is still, the rhythm and choreography that you memorized will fall out of your muscle memory in a quick second. If you find any free time, it is also recommended to add a habit to start moving your body.

When you find something that reflects yourself such as shop window and toilet mirrors, check the move you learned in class by testing out with your body.

Let's try to the extent that you will not look a weirdo from around.

Steal technique from dance video

There are many high-quality dance videos on Youtube now. You should definitely utilize those resources for the practice.

You can study the movement on your commuter train or break from work. And you should find a combination of techniques and steps that you have not thought of, so that you can carry new ideas to your next exercise.

It is important to learn how to use your body to reproduce the movement you have seen. By analyzing the movements of various dancers and turning it into your own, the range of your dance widens.

Take a video of your own dance

It is recommended to film your own dance practice when there is enough time. The advantage of video is that you can watch it at your convenience. You can watch and check your move anywhere anytime.

No matter how good of the dancer you are, there is always weakness and bad habits you will not recognize while actually exercising. By reviewing videotaping, you can carry the learning to your next practice.

Much dance practice can be done at home actually

Speaking of dance practice, many people think of sweatpants dancers creating a circle outside practicing. But in reality, even if you have a small dining table space at home, that would be enough.

Because you can achieve progress at a different angle from the usual, there are things that you can practice move effectively than the outside.

For beginner dancers especially, there are many benefits of practicing at home. The detail was specified in the previous article "The best practice place for dancing for beginners".

Having a right mindset for practice

In order to improve dance, there is practice only. At the same time, it is beneficial to remember that practicing is not all about having 2-3 hours of drill. This post has covered various ways you can practice in short time.

The sense of the body is delicate. Even if it is a short time it will be a shortcut to practice every day.

Pile up dance experience bit by bit, and surely you will make progress. Then finally, you will start to be aware of the real fun of dancing.