It is a basic step that can be used in two genres: hip hop dance and shuffle dance. But it is a technique that requires complex foot movement.

If you are familiar with the step that requires you to slide foot axis back and forth such as popcorn or spongebob, you may be able to master it easily.

Within the 16 beat type step, it is a technique with a high degree of difficulty. So let's fire up!

The different feature of the frontback kick is to focus and control the main foot axis rather than the leg that is kicking front and back.

This is surprisingly a high-level skill and often makes a beginner cries.

Popcorn and sponge bob are simple because they only slide in one direction, but this step is complicated because it is necessary to slide in both directions.

The practice should focus on the both of your axis feet equally, to use the muscle and the instantaneous power. Otherwise the balance of leg strength and the balance of nerves will be offset strangely, and a bad habit will come out. It will be good to include about 4 counts of the frontback kick inbetween various choreography or improvisation dance.

Even if you are learning various cool ways of dancing already, it is an unusual style to slide the main axis leg to the front when kicking backward. I recommend learning this technique on this occasion.

Useful in hip hop dance and shuffle dance

Frontback kick is a move that goes well with dance genres that use many steps.

If you are aiming for a masculine, cool performance, I think that you should know this step. There are also ways of dancing to shoot out kicks while rotating. That will be compatible with New Jack Swing and electronic dance music.

Please start practicing to make it look smooth. It is recommended for beginners to intensively train the axis foot without kicking.

If it is only on the main foot, the flow will be like this:

back → center → front → center

And repeat that movement. That happens all while jumping in small jiggle. If you keep training with a good balance between left and right, it will make other types of steps sharper as well.

In 16 beat step, you will be using much calf muscle from the ankle. In that process, if you could catch the brain instruction quickly with not only the muscles but also the nerve cells, you will be closer to achieving your ideal step.

If you are aiming for a sharp move, let's do your best to improve the ability to respond to 16 beats while practicing this step, as well as increase the absolute performance level of other steps.