Regardless of junior high students, high school students, university students, or grown ups, it is 9 out of 10 times the dance studio that those who want to start dancing right now use it as the first resource.

If you want to dance, go to the studio. That is the most natural thing to do.

I like to try dancing, but I do not know what to do from there.

I want to be able to dance well.

I want to be able to dance cool like Beyonce or Justin Timberlake.

For a variety of reasons, people make a journey towards the dance studio. But I think it is impossible to understand whose lesson is good. There can be even more than one instructors for the given dance style.

There is no information base to judge from in a perfect beginner's situation.

From the customer point of view who is going to pay the lesson fee and receive the proper service from now on, it is too unfortunate that you are taking lessons from unfit instructor.

The instructor is not a machine, but a human being

There are as many instructors as colors. It is unwise to continue receiving the instructor lessons for the first time blindfoldedly. If you have more than one person in the genre interested, it is recommended to go through each one of them. You only need to find a person that suits you.

Whether you meet a good instructor during the beginner's time or not, your own dance career afterwards will differ greatly. The entrance is very important.

I myself have received various lessons over 10 years. You become slowly aware of the difference between miss and hit in instructors.

So this time, I will introduce one of the points (judgement criteria) that distinguish between good instructors.

Let's know bad instructors

Before introducing the points to distinguish good instructors, let's know what bad instructors are.

  • Loose in time (late)
  • Last minute canceling (leave without notice)
  • Forget / repeat last week's material
  • Not prepared (improvise loosely on the spot)
  • Tailored to those who are slow (lessons will not progress)

It is from the top of my head, but the list is more or less like this. There are more fine details but only these are the major ones.

Why such a thing happens is because it is a stance that they are teaching for you.

There is no understanding that the students have paid the money. The person with a sense of condescending has this strong tendency.

Those out-of-bounds instructors will gradually disappear with the rise of newcomers.

A good instructor is different!

There is one single point to distinguish whether it is a good instructor.

Do they remember your name (face) of a newcomer.

This is it.

As a beginner, it is nervous to enter the dance studio. First try out class is finished with beating heart. You will be in a state of tension.

Such tension may be eased out by going to lessons with friends. But for those who enter the dance studio with their courage to stand alone, that future is unknown.

There is hardly any time to talk during the lesson. But those who talk to a beginner (newcomer) a bit in the small spare time are clearly good people.

Such instructors have many students, and they have been going for the same person's lesson for many years.

You will hop on the trend, where you will be looking forward to going to the lesson, and your dance is steadily improving.


Just because there are a lot of students going to that class, that person is not necessarily a good instructor (Of course not a bad teacher either).

Even if he/she has a good reputation in acquaintance and word of mouth, it does not mean it will suit you. Just because the instructor has a winning record in a contest or battle, his/her leadership skill necessary to teach a group is not necessarily high.

Most shy people find it uneasy to speak to the teacher. It takes courage. It will be easier for the teacher to speak to me, and it will be informing that "you are looking at me".

I think all of the instructors should be like this. But unfortunately, they are not. Let's move onto the next one until you find the perfect match teacher.