Where should I do dance practice?

Speaking of street dance, there may be an image of dancers gathering in front of a office building or a station where there is a window mirror. That is what they do in the movie. But if you are starting out, where should you actually practice?

Many beginner dancers ask this question, but I recommend this one place every time.

This time, I would like to introduce the place where it is most suitable for practicing and its merits for dancers especially beginners.

The best practice place for beginners is home

It is your home that I'd like to recommend as a practice place for dancing.

If you can secure only a square space of a dining table in your home, that will be a sufficient space for practicing.

At the time when I started dancing, I was practicing much at home, as well as practicing at the gymnasium and school.

It would be great if you could have a mirror, but it is possible to substitute it with a windowpane where you can look at yourself.

There is a pitfall though. When you practice by yourself, it is easy to pick up bad habits without noticing. I noted at the end the points to be careful about.

Why are you recommending home practice?

Videos and DVD

Fist biggest advantage of practicing at home is you can do it while watching videos and DVD. With PC or TV, you can practice over and over until you are satisfied.

Tagging along with an experienced dancer is also effective, but the point that you can practice repeatedly is beneficial for beginners.

With the advancement of YouTube, you can easily find high quality videos.

Short cut time

The fact that you can do it right away whenever you feel practicing is the merit of practicing at home.

Making set time, preparing, going out, etc. can be unexpectedly troublesome. It may be deterred on the weather too. Because it is only the practice that takes you to the next stage dancer, home practice that can let you move into actions is your win.

Don't care about others

We all say everyone is clumsy at first. But nobody deep down likes to show your embarrassing self.

If you practice at home, there is no such worry. You can practice as much as you wish, and there is no worry that you will be laughed by heartless strangers.

Bridge to the dancer community

Practicing at home is efficient, but it can be a little lonely.

After all dancing is only fun when you make friends with other passionate dancers and share the same music taste. That is the origin of street dancers: an after party social circle.

Although it is possible to make friends or to jump into the ring of experienced dancers, you need steel tough mindset. For most people, it is completely natural to feel embarrassed as the totally inexperienced. If you have built your confidence to dance however, such embarrassing thoughts will be alleviated.

The accumulation of home practice experience provides such confidence.

The practice only possible at home

It might be difficult to imagine dancing inside at home. But there are surprisingly many things. I recommend it.

The environment where anyone can practice while playing your favorite music without having to be disturbed, placing the reference videos at hand, is perfect for beginner dancers.

Of course, it is also your pleasure to dance with friends. It is recommended to find a practice place outside if you get over the initial stage.

The weak point in practicing at home is that there is no teacher to watch. He/she can provide quick feedback to you for bad habit. So I recommend you to fix the foundation.