You probably heard of running man in Hiphop, but it is also commonly used in shuffle dance. Shuffle is a rave and club dance originated in the late 80s in Melbourne, Australia. It gained popularity quickly in the underground scene.

Since electric dance music (EDM) has the tempo of club music, you have to give the step in more speedy over hip-hop music.

Therefore, trying to do a running man in the traditional way of dancing, you will definitely not be able to follow the song. If you try to forcedly do step on the tempo it will result in excess strength and it will be a performance with no margin. You will look rushed.

When shuffle dance beginners practice the basic steps one by one from now on, you need to adapt them the way EDM dances with this basic knowledge.

This is common to other footwork such as Charleston and T step, so please learn how to practice and how to execute it well with this article.

Cool dance step even for beginners

Shuffle dance and cutting shapes are styles that involve you to constantly execute stepping. So in principle, there is no time to pose and stop the movement.

The way of dancing that keeps stepping nonstop is in line with the tune of EDM including house and transformer.

The primary component of club music is about deciding the tempo that becomes the base. On top of that, musical instrument sound is applied by one layer over another in order to build a final piece.

Because shuffle dance is about dancing with pounding beat, your step will continue on steadily without a gap.

Smooth and constant stepping

So how do you do it? It is not a complicated method.

First thing is you bring your leg up in the front. How much up is up to you. If you want to show power, visualizing it to a 90-degree angle with your thigh against upper body helps. Second, you will drop your leg one by one, sliding the other leg backward. Here is a link to the video tutorial by Howcast.

This is it. The move itself is simple, but the flexibility is infinite. You can move around the flow, turn around in a circle, go front and back, etc. Musicality is also a key, especially when EDM tends to be faster.

Incorporate running man to your freestyle

Although performance is done by improvisation, it is only possible for a person who is accustomed to some extent. If you are a beginner, it is best to start from mastering basic steps one by one.

After that, you will make a progress by combining the steps and steps you have memorized together to form a short routine or choreography. Finally, you will be floating on the flowing music in freestyle form.

So even though it is different styles, there are also places that overlap with some of the breakdance entrance move. A performance with improvisation will result in reflection of your daily practice. Therefore, when practicing shuffle dance, only those who constantly brace yourself with conscious practice will improve.

This time I introduced the way of running man. Please use it for your skill improvement.