"Is it easy to learn dancing?"

I always receive this type of questions.

That question always makes me enlightened that someone wants to learn dancing. But, my answer is never straight "YES, it's easy!"

I imagined he wanted the encouraging push on his back, but still I could not say irresponsible thing.

Because my ambitious goal is to make dancing popular for every day people from young to old, I would like everyone to take a challenge nevertheless.

So this time, I will introduce the honest opinion based on my experience why dancing is easy but can be difficult at the same time.

It would be great if you could read it as a mental guide to start dancing, before giving up.

Every dancer goes through tough time

Every educational class targeting beginner students always has a sign that says "it is easy for anyone to become an amazing dancer!", or "learning is very simple in fact!". A smart person yourself can instantly recognize these are marketing tag lines to have your foot step in the door.

While it is very true you do not need a inner talent to become good at dancing, everyone needs to put in effort. When I started dancing, I had hard time memorizing the move. It forced me to repeat the choreography over and over. There was surely frustrating time in the beginning.

Because of that experience, I would never tell someone who is interested in starting dancing it is easy to master. That is also the reason beginners should start from the hard stuff while they have high motivation, which in turn makes dancing easy and much more fun later on.

I say this again. Even though dancing is difficult, anyone can do it.

Why dancing is difficult?

To anyone who is interested in dancing, this is not to say "dancing is difficult and tough! Never do it!".

It is completely fine if you just want to go through a single choreography and call yourself experienced dancer. But to anyone who is thinking about starting dancing either professionally or serious hobby, I would say it is serious and need to put in an effort.

Here are 2 reasons of why it can be difficult and the ways to improve dancing.

  1. Foundation as the first setback
  2. Disappointment from your visualization and actual move
  3. Reset potential without continuous practice

Foundation as the first setback

The foundation of dancing is generally "rhythm training" to move the body according to music and "isolation" to operate only a part of the body such as your neck and breast.

This basic part is already the first setback point.

Especially isolation involves a movement which you would never do in your everyday life. It may take up to 2 to 3 months to become finally comfortable with the movement depending on the person.

In short, it is not easy at all from the entrance.

Disappointment from your visualization and actual move

As mentioned above, it takes time until an isolated action becomes familiar.

Until then, your move would look quite beginner like. The detail was mentioned in the article, "Reasons why your dancing looks amateur and how to fix it". Those days feel stressful with the overwhelming gap between your mental image and your actual self in the mirror. That will last for months.

If you accept the false belief "Dancing's easy!", you will be second guessing the reality, and start to give up.

I want to check it when actually starting dance, I summarized the basics of dance that I think into the following article.

Reset potential without continuous practice

It is not common for people to never good at dancing even though they attend classes every week without any absence.

Actually the amount of practice time is not as much important as the way you approach dance practice. Even if it is the same practice, you should always take the quality over time. Without doing it properly, you will not get better regardless of experience.

To practice properly, it is important to break down the choreography and remember it by the steps.

When you master the move and steps, you will gradually be able to realize the pleasure of dancing. Gain a variety of skills, devise ways to show combinations and variations, remember more movements... Finally your choreography completes.

True it is difficult, but anyone can do it

Dancing is difficult. The journey to dance impressively can feel steep sometime, and you might have to break through several walls.

It is tempting to say "Dancing is easy! You get better in any second!". But to have yourself keep challenging these walls, you want to have the right mindset from the beginning. That is why I am trying to tell the truth.

I really believe that anyone will be able to master dancing as long as they have the motivation and longing for themselves, and try hard for practice.